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The UK funeral planning market has grown substantially over the past 5 years and more than 500,000 plans have now been sold in Britain, and the market is forecast for significant further growth. 
Freeze costs and beat inflation 
Bank and Building Society savings accounts have consistently provided a growth rate above that of inflation over the past ten years. As this chart shows, however, funeral costs have increased at a higher level – so money invested in traditional savings accounts may not grow sufficiently to cover the cost of a funeral when the time comes. 
A guaranteed way to beat rising funeral costs 
The cost of an average funeral has increased by 70% in the past ten years – and prices continue to rise (Mintel Funeral Business Data). In fact, we predict that the average funeral will cost £3,350 by 2012. 
The only way our clients can guarantee their investment will cover the cost of their funeral in full is with a Funeral Plan. This allows them to secure the cost of their funeral at today’s prices, regardless of how far in the future their funeral is needed. 
Better still, today’s Funeral Plans are actually priced at a lower rate than the cost of an actual directly comparable funeral, so a Plan represents good value too.  
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